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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Deciding on the names for BDD extentions

On a previous post I talked about our proposal of extending Behavior Driven Development (BDD) to use other languages than then "classic" Given-When-Then (GWT), in special, but not limited to, Business Process Modeling (BPM) artifacts, such as Petri Nets, Statechart or Activity Diagrams. Today we decided at NSI to use two terms to refer to our proposal:

a) When referring to the idea of using a composition of languages, previously agreed by all stakeholders, we are going to call it Shared Language Driven Development (SLDD).
b) The specific case of using BPM + domain specific language (DSL) as an input for the BDD machinery is called Business Language Driven Development (BLDD).

In other words, SLDD is the general proposal and BLDD is the proposal for EIS. You can also interpret like this: SLDD is a generalization of BDD, and BLDD is an extension to BDD that uses BPM.

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