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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Free/Open Source ERP (FOS-ERP) - Part V

In 2007 I wrote a book chapter on the differences between FOS-ERP and proprietary ERP (P-ERP), published as part of the Handbook on Research in Enterprise Systems in 2008. This post is part of a series that revisits this paper. Please refer to the first post of this series to better understand the structure used in this comparison. 

During operation, environmental changes will lead to corresponding changes in the system. These changes can be conducted by the original vendor, other service providers, or even the adopter with help of the community. Operation costs are reduced by other technologies of which FOS-ERP usually rely on, such as Operating Systems, Office Suites, Middleware etc.  

A conclusive remark is that, although experience has shown that most of the times the adopter will not be active on tasks that involve coding, FOS-ERP is still a good choice, since it reduces vendor dependency. Moreover, the openness of code delivers much more opportunities for creating competitive differential by implementing innovative processes or algorithms and integrating to other solutions.

Until this point I talked about the differences between FOS-ERP and P-ERP on the adopter side. For understanding the differences on the vendor side, please refer to the original article. In the next post I will talk about the opportunities and challenges brought by FOS-ERP.

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