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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Assorted Thoughts on Agilism X Traditionalism - Part II

Back to Basics

Management has three basic functions: Planning, Execution, and Control. We can summarize the basic differences between traditional methods and agilism/lean in a table:

-Based on effort metrics to plan the whole project

-Change is a “risk”
-Design = models
-Try to automate programming
-Centralized decision-making
-Quality a posteriori, by annotation, and responsibility of a specific team
-Try to be static (follow the original plan)
-Based on collective evaluation and on measuring the current development velocity
-Plan for the next period
-Embrace changes
-Design = code
-Automate repetitive tasks
-Decentralized decision-making
-Quality a priori, automated, responsibility of producers
-Try to be dynamic (follow the demand)

In my opinion, the difference is basically one: Agile and Lean seeks to be dynamic, Traditional seeks to be static.

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